Film FAQ

How can I watch Salam Neighbor?

You can now see the film anywhere in the world by hosting a screening or attending a screening at your local school, place of worship, museum or community center. Create change in your neighborhood today by bringing the film to you

If you want to watch online or with just a few friends, Salam Neighbor is also available on Vimeo on Demand, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play

How long is the film?

The full-length feature runs 75 minutes. If you choose to bring the filmmakers, Chris, Zach, Salam or Mohab, to your event they will speak for up to one hour.

Is the film appropriate for young viewers? What is it rated?

The film is appropriate for all ages, although some sections are subtitled which can make it challenging for lower school audiences.

Are non-English subtitles available?

We have English closed captions for the hearing impaired, as well as Arabic subtitles which can be made available upon request with the purchase of a public screening license.

Are there other educational materials?

We have a number of resources to try to help!

  1. Use our free Syrian refugee Action Toolkit and Discussion Guide.
  2. Check out Searching for Syria, an interactive website we built with Google and UNHCR.
  3. Purchase our 100-page common core curriculum for grades 7-12.
  4. Bring the filmmakers to your event, or host a Skype presentation.

Screenings FAQ

What is entailed in hosting a screening?

The process is simple – right now you can host a screening of Salam Neighbor anywhere in the world. To do so, please purchase a public license here. Your purchase supports our mission to create understanding and help our refugee neighbors.

As the organizing host, you choose the date, time, venue, planning team, and other details, and we provide you with the film, an Action Toolkit, a Discussion Guide, a Virtual Reality Exhibit, marketing materials, and a video from Directors Chris & Zach. 

We have found that partnering with other individuals and groups for your event will help distribute the costs and get an even bigger crowd! For more information and to get started, please visit our community events page.

Where can I host a screening?

Wherever you’d like! These are some of the most popular:

  • A college or high school auditorium
  • A public library
  • A community center
  • A place of worship
  • A conference
  • Even your own living room!

Please make sure that your venue has a projector, screen, and DVD player or laptop to show the film from. And please test the film in advance to avoid problems! Many people also use microphones if the venue is large enough to facilitate an introduction of the film and a post-screening discussion.

When can I host my screening?

Whenever is most convenient for you! Please allow us a week of lead time though to ship your DVD and screening materials; otherwise, we’ll need to charge an expedited shipping fee.

What comes with a screening license?

Every purchase comes with a copy of the film, sample emails and Facebook posts, digital flyers and posters, an Action Toolkit, a Discussion Guide, a Virtual Reality Exhibit, a video from Chris & Zach, and a customer service team to answer any questions!

Can I screen Living On One Dollar & Salam Neighbor?

Of course! We encourage people to host them as a part of a short series – with a screening of one film one week, and then the next the following week or month. You can get a license for Living on One Dollar here: http://shop.optimist.co/collections/educational-use

How much does it cost to screen Salam Neighbor?

The price of licenses vary, depending on the type of organization and size of the event. For specifics, please visit our Host a Screening page to learn more about the license that is best for your group. We encourage you to partner with local organizations to disperse the costs. You’re also welcome to charge admission at the door!

In what format will the film be delivered?

You can choose to screen the film in Blu-Ray, DVD or via a digital link. These will be sent you in advance of the screening. Please test the film in advance as they can be damaged in transit and we want to make sure it plays smoothly for your event!

Why do you charge a license fee?

Charging for community events is common practice with any documentary, and our fees are standard. We hope to share the film as widely as possible, and to do so, need to recover some of the costs it took to plan, film, create, and distribute the film and educational resources.

Moreover, every film we make is combined with a social impact campaign to create concrete change. Any revenues we make allow us to expand our impact for Syrian refugees and to hopefully continue to make educational films and series on important social issues. We can’t thank you enough for making this possible!

Do I still need a license if my screening is not open to the public?

If you’re watching the film as an individual or with a small group under 20 people, you can also show it via Vimeo on DemandiTunesAmazon, or Google Play

Are there options if I don't have a big budget?

Unfortunately we’re not able to waive license fees. Lots of individuals or organizations do team up though to help split the costs of an event and get their message out to as many people as possible!

Here are some ideas:

  • Partner with other organizations to co-host your screening!
  • Sell tickets at the event or ask for donations to your organization. Some events can be very lucrative!
  • Find local sponsors, companies or restaurants, in exchange for promotion at the event.
  • Partner with a local K-12 school or college – they can order an educational license for unlimited screenings at their campus. They even get to keep the DVD and a curriculum for their school library.

Can I charge admission for my event?

Sure thing! It can help disperse the costs for you or your organization.

Can I use this event as a fundraiser for my organization?

We hope that you’ll use it to support one of the partners we believe in, but are happy to let you use the film to support any organization. www.crowdrise.com/salamneighborfilm

Additional Materials

Here are some additional links and resources that will help you plan, promote, and find partners for the most impactful screening possible!

Ready to host a screening? Get started now!

Do you have more films?

Yes! Chris and Zach have a number of other award-winning films and series. You can see our feature film Living on One Dollar, our short film, Rosa – These Storms, or watch our Change Series! All are widely available and free unless showing to groups above 25.

I want to be more involved. What can I do to help?

So excited about the initiative here! You can help us out by donating to one of our causes or purchasing merchandise. All products that are sold on the site support the films we create and their causes!  

If you are interested in going above and beyond and would like to donate your time and connections on a weekly basis, you can become a Living on One Ambassador! For further inquiries please email hello@optimist.co